JAFFA television commercial - 'Posters'

Finnish drink brand JAFFA gets the PostPanic touch from director Mischa Rozema

PostPanic and director Mischa Rozema show their happy side with a television commercial commissioned by Finnish agency Sek. Using a blend of animated vintage graphics from the JAFFA brand and a live action shoot at the studio of 85 year old graphic designer Erik Bruun, the mixed media spot celebrates the man responsible for all the iconic logos and posters.

Fresh from receiving a lamp for best Film Direction from the Dutch Art Directors Club Awards (for OFFF 2011 Main Titles), Mischa Rozema’s latest commercial goes all vintage with a celebration of Finland’s best-loved graphic designer, Erik Bruun.

The retro-feel present throughout the commercial, comes from the JAFFA brand itself. On the Finnish market since 1949, the orange drink is still in the top 3 of most popular soft drinks in the country. JAFFA is part of Hartwall which is owned by Heineken International.

The internationally awarded 85 year old graphic designer Erik Bruun is best loved for his iconic posters and adverts for Hartwell and his work has been awarded the prestigious Pro Finlandia medal. You could call him a Finnish institution. Not only does PostPanic’s commercial make Bruun’s work come alive but he can be seen for the first time in the flesh, sketching the Jaffa logo.

Director Mischa Rozema wanted to create a commercial based on Bruun’s legacy. This time though, Mischa had to base his visual direction on someone else’s graphic aesthetic rather than his own. The result, another trademark visually unique mixed media film, combining live action with 2d/3d animation, motion graphics, stock footage and visual effects.

The whole production took just 4 weeks from start to finish, including the shooting in Finland. The spot will be launched on Finnish television in May.




About Mischa Rozema

Dutch director Mischa Rozema (41) is also co-founder and Creative Director of PostPanic, an Amsterdam-based creative outfit. Mischa’s work is fundamental to the reputation Postpanic has developed over the past 13 years and his uncompromising creative vision has won awards worldwide. His background in graphic design and an intense love-affair with film, set him on a path of creating unusual visual directions by combining whatever technique was available, be it live action, CG or motion graphics. Today Mischa is best known for his ability to take seemingly ordinary projects in unexpected creative directions.

"“The story needed to be told using the actual posters of Erik Bruun. This meant we had to create an imaginary landscape to allow us to move from one poster to another one. The challenge was therefore in choosing the posters that had the most in them landscape and storytelling wise. I was particularly inspired by the simplicity and retro feeling of Bruun’s designs which actually reminded me of Saul Bass’s work. Bruun’s work has that same contemporary feeling and use of textures that makes it stand out and feel very tactile.”" Mischa Rozema
About PostPanic

PostPanic is an internationally awarded and respected Dutch film company.

PostPanic is made up of three divisions: PostPanic (commercial film), PanicProgram (emerging commercial talent) and PostPanic Pictures (long format film).

Founded in 1997, PostPanic closely guards its unique creative attitude and continues to produce memorable visual work for the advertising, entertainment, broadcast, retail and music industries worldwide.

The Amsterdam home is made up of a permanent international team composed of producers, directors and creatives specializing in live action, motion graphics/animation, VFX and installations.  PostPanic also host and curate the popular bi-annual inspiration evenings, The PanicRoom (an invite-only night for the Amsterdam creative community).