MINI web film - 'Rocketman'

BSUR commission PostPanic to create ambitious web film

PostPanic produces 2 minute mixed-media film for new MINI concept car through BSUR Amsterdam.

Director Mischa Rozema returns with another trademark visually unique mixed media film, combining live action with 2d/3d animation, motion graphics, stock footage and visual effects. BSUR approached PostPanic to help them create an extra special product launch film to match the distinctive new MINI Rocketman concept.

The Rocketman concept sees MINI reinvent the small car again by going back to the essence of MINI’s founding design principles. The car, a three-seater with a space-saving carbon-fibre cross frame, has been designed with MINI purists in mind. Whilst the Rocketman concept is not a retro car, it is a modern interpretation of the original MINI idea: a fun, simple, ultra compact solution to urban mobility.

Mischa chose to approach this narrative script with a visually engaging series of story-telling devices helping bridge the past with the future. His solution tested the whole team at PostPanic, engaging all the in-house departments from live action through to 3d, motion graphics and visual effects.
Most staggering is that the whole production took just 4 weeks from start to finish, including two studio shoots in Amsterdam and Munich.

The 2 minute product film was specifically created for the Geneva Motor Show where the MINI Rocketman was showcased as a concept car.

About Mischa Rozema

Dutch director Mischa Rozema (39) is also co-founder and Creative Director of PostPanic, an Amsterdam-based creative outfit. Mischa’s work is fundamental to the reputation Postpanic has developed over the past 13 years and his uncompromising creative vision has won awards worldwide. His background in graphic design and an intense love-affair with film, set him on a path of creating unusual visual directions by combining whatever technique was available, be it live action, CG or motion graphics. Today Mischa is best known for his ability to take seemingly ordinary projects in unexpected creative directions. 

"“It’s great to see an iconic brand like MINI change the way we see future mobility. Again. We wanted to show how the thinking today is inspired by the rebellious nature of the original MINI design. So we took this opportunity to show MINI’s evolution through the years and finally into the future.”" BSUR’s executive creative director, Jason Schragger
"“It was a mammoth brief to take on in such a short turnaround and we didn’t make it easy on ourselves as we wanted to make it as visually stimulating as possible, using the widest variety of techniques available. But this is what we specialise in and Mischa is showing that mixed media is a tantalising solution to narrative scripts. BSUR were great in that they encouraged Mischa to push the creative boundaries as much as possible, which is a precious treat these days.”" Ania Markham, Executive Producer at PostPanic
About PostPanic

PostPanic is an internationally awarded and respected Dutch film company.

PostPanic is made up of three divisions: PostPanic (commercial film), PanicProgram (emerging commercial talent) and PostPanic Pictures (long format film).

Founded in 1997, PostPanic closely guards its unique creative attitude and continues to produce memorable visual work for the advertising, entertainment, broadcast, retail and music industries worldwide.

The Amsterdam home is made up of a permanent international team composed of producers, directors and creatives specializing in live action, motion graphics/animation, VFX and installations.  PostPanic also host and curate the popular bi-annual inspiration evenings, The PanicRoom (an invite-only night for the Amsterdam creative community).